How To and step by step instructions for the SKY reception OSCAM Dreambox

How To and step by step instructions for SKY reception on the Dreambox wanted?

Which configuration do I need for the CAM ( OSCAM , SCAM , CCCAM ) on the Dreambox so that I can receive SKY ?

Instructions right from the start for SKY reception with a Dreambox?

SKY on the Dreambox for dummies ?

To receive SKY on the Dreambox, some requirements are necessary:

  • At best, an Enigma image (or another) with Gemini to automatically install the necessary software packages.
  • A little experience with Telnet and FTP connections to the Dreambox.
  • A CAM feed for installing a CAM on the Dreambox.
  • Editor for creating the CAM-Config files.

Step 1: Installation of CAM on the Dreambox

For SKY reception, for example, OSCAM comes into question. For the installation of a CAM under Enigma2 / Gemini, a CAM feed has been required for some time because the CAMs are no longer officially supported by IHAD.

The following CAM feed must be installed to select the CAMs.

To install the feed, copy the file gp-cam-feed_0.3_mipsel.ipk into the root directory of the box (the top folder in the folder structure in the FTP program).

Then via the Dreambox menu

Menu -> Settings -> Software management -> Install local extension -> Internal Flash -> Install extension (select the file here)

to install. Possibly the GUI of the Dreambox must be restarted after the installation of the CAM feed.

Through the CAM feed, the CAMs are displayed in the plug-in menu of the Dreambox and can be selected for installation.

BluePanel -> Addons -> Gemini SoftCamd -> gp-cam-oscam-1.00 -> OK -> green button for install

Step 2: Configure the OSCAM to receive SKY

To receive SKY on the Dreambox, the correct configuration of the CAM, in this case OSCAM , is essential. The configs differ for individual smart card types. These instructions require a V13 smart card (card type is specified on the smart card)

The configuration files must be loaded onto the box via FTP. Specifically, the following files are required:

  • oscam.conf
  • oscam.server
  • oscam.user

The files must be copied into the following folder on the Dreambox using an FTP program:
/ etc / tuxbox / config

After copying the files restart the box.

3rd step: Activation of the OSCAM

To activate the OSCAM, it must be selected in the BluePanel in the CAM properties:

Select BluePanel -> Setup-Camd -> OSCAM

The OSCAM can be restarted / initially started using the red button.

It should then be possible to receive the SKY transmitters. Depending on the skin, the active CAM is also displayed in the program information panel:

Questions and answers for the SKY reception on the Dreambox:

  • Which plugins / addons do I need to receive SKY on the Dreambox?
    Reception is possible with, for example, OSCAM.
  • Is it legal to receive SKY on the Dreambox?
    Receipt on the Dreambox is legal with a subscription.
  • Which CAM for SKY v13?
    With OSCAM, for example, you can also receive SKY on the Dreambox.
  • Can the SKY smart card be activated in the Dreambox?
  • Do I need an original and certified SKY receiver for the first activation of the smart card for SKY?
    No, activation is also possible with a Dreambox.
  • My Dreambox has two slots, in which slot do I have to insert the smart card?
    This depends on the configuration of the OSCAM, device = / dev / sci0 is the upper slot in a Dreambox 800SE.
  • How can I check whether the CAM (OSCAM, SCAM, CCCAM) is running on the box?
    The easiest way to control the plug-in is via the ‘Task Manager’ on a Unix box. First connect to the box via Telnet, log in with root and output the process list with the command “ps”. The respective CAM must appear in the list:

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